AccuJazz- Internet Streaming Jazz Radio

AccuJazz is the world's first multichannel jazz radio station, featuring nearly a dozen channels of great classic and mainstream jazz, from the earliest Dave Brubeck and John Coltrane to the latest from Joe Sample and Diana Krall.

There is one main channel and ten specialty channels, which are:

  • BeBop, Guitar Jazz, Latin-Fusion, New School, Old School, Piano Jazz, Saxophone Jazz, Vocal Jazz, West Coast, and Broadway Jazz.
You'll notice as your start listening that, unlike broadcast radio, you can customize AccuJazz channels to your exact tastes! Because they deliver a separate music stream to each listener, you can pause songs, skip songs if you don't like them, and even "deselect" artists you don't want to hear. I really think that this is the direction that radio is headed in the future, personalized content.

AccuJazz Internet Jazz Radio Station

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Thanks for posting it here. I listen to these online jazz radio stations are here