Oasis Project Live at Jimmy Mak's

Pere Soto and I had our Oasis CD release party last weekend and I must say that I'm so relieved that it's over with. We did five radio show and a newspaper interview to promote the event, as well as the usual email blitz and web promotions. My wife and sister in-law got the food together, Dusty from the record label took care of the chairs and wine, and I picked up the cake from the cake lady. It turned out to be standing room only and we didn't even loose any money, which I was fully expecting. I think that Pere and I ended up making $12 each when all was said and done, not including the eight CDs that we sold.

Last night we played set at a club in town called Jimmy Mak's. Here are some MP3s from that gig that I recorded on my Zoom H4 digital recorder:

Latin Suffering
Just a Minor Blues

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chicken little said...

Sounds great. I wish I could have been there. That would have been another three dollars in your pocket!