Joe Lovano's Baker's Dozen Trane tracks

If you had to pick your thirteen favorite Coltrane tracks what would they be?

Jazz.com has an Lovano's picks, as well as a detailed explanation about each one.

My picks would have surely looked quite different than these. Not one track from Ballads or from Crescent made the list ! These albums are the pinnacles of Western civilization in my book. I guess Joe is entitled to his opinions, I'm just disappointed in him.

Lovano Selects Coltrane


chicken little said...

I agree. Here's mine:
Moments notice
Miles Mode
My Favorite Things
One Up One Down
All or Nothing at All
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Autumn Serenade
Trane’s Slow Blues
Body & Soul

Zach Frotton said...

Wow. I have to say this is a terrible list in my opinion. Whatever, Lovano can keep those and I'll take mine.

MonksDream said...

Well, David, I have to agree that this is a pretty weird list of tunes for Lovano to have chosen, with the exception of Good Bait, Impressions, and Chasin' the Trane. I think that it probably reflects what Lovano's into right now, as there's a lot of later Trane that, while interesting, certainly wouldn't make it on my top 12. I'm going to write one.