Mosher Exposure- by Tim Price

It's really the commitment that matters, Jimmy Mosher was one of the most inventive and articulate sax players in jazz. He built his choruses on each other with dizzying creativity; the flow of ideas were one of a kind.

Sadly overlooked by the jazz press, and powers that should be, Mosher's incredible subtlety in addition to his astonishing sound conception, set him apart from other saxophonists. Jimmy got the listener to concentrate on how he shaped musical ideas and on the way he manipulates notes with distinctive lines and a story within. The tracks Valdez sent are pure Mosher and just the inspiration and kick in the pants I need this summer. I loved Jimmy. (can you tell ) and he had hard times,but kept playing. Creating and doing the thing. Jimmy is pure genius, and the boss!

Jimmy Mosher was one of the most adventurous, cliche-free and unpredictable of all time. No one played with more impeccable logic, executed with better technique or offered a truer sound, pure and direct and rich, warm and soulful.He is the omega of saxophonists, but he should also be considered the alpha by anyone who hopes to play the instrument. He taught lots of folks and is fondly remembered by players worldwide.

Jimmy had a big band MOSHER-FONTAINE that had the essence of big band within an ensemble that was loose and open. ( Jimmy Derba should be thought of too ) One of the more original big bands ever!

Jimmy Mosher did it all, as few others ever have, if truth be known with originality and unique brilliance. His intensity and blues heat often transcended bebop with confidence, control, kaleidoscopic yet always relevant virtuosity, and exalting soulfulness. I'll never forget Mosher nor will I ever stop praising his gifts. I was one lucky guy to have been exposed to him back in my Boston days


The Dissonance said...

So much music, so little time. There are so many unsung heros out there.

Owen Summers said...

Beautiful post, Tim. David, thanks for posting this and the other Mosher stuff. Those mp3s are killing.