Bob Berg @ Eastman

Here's a nice recording of Bob Berg with the Eastman big band from the 80's.

It's nice to hear Bob playing very straight-ahead in a situation like this. His rhythm changes later in the set is really nice. Someone please transcribe this solo because and send it to me!

I'm also posting a what I consider one of Berg's signature recordings- Steppin' from Live in Europe, an incredible rhythm changes track.

(You can hear that this was recorded on an old school Marantz recorder from the octave shift at the beginning)

Bob Berg @ Eastman


chayjazz said...

Thanx David...
These last 3 post are a godsend. All of these cats are some of my favorite players. And just hearing these guys speak about music is a lesson all by itself. Keep up the great blog. (it's giving me the push to I need to start updating my site again....)

Charles McNeal

Adam said...

This is some of the best Berg I've heard. I'm also a fan of his solos with Miles in the 80s - from the live bootlegs. But, for the most part he was too much of a "patterns-player" for me. I remember seeing him with Mike Stern once and every solo seemed like: deep breath, pattern 1, pattern 2, pattern 3, pattern 1, pattern 4... deep breath, pattern 2, pattern 5, pattern 3...