Matt Otto's Triadic Chromatic Blues #6

This is a blues etude based on Garzone's Triadic Chromatic Approach that Matt Otto just sent me. This is in every key, moving up by half-steps. Matt studied with Garzone for several years, at Berklee and at the New School.

Matt writes:
"One other thing we used to do in lessons was mix up the number of notes in each triad .. even playing only one note from a triad occasionally, the cool thing is the weird groupings of 8th notes that arise, like in your line grouped in 3s over the bar.... one could do 3s and 4s and 2s and 3s etc.. "
Blues #6- by Matt Otto
Analysis of Blues #6


mrG said...

I get a 404 on the analysis PDF -- the webserver seems to not like the pound symbol in the filename.

as for my previous comment re: a simple example, never mind, this one will do quite nicely :)

mrG said...

if you replace the # in the Blues#6TriadAnalysis.pdf url with %23 it will work just fine.

maybe like this

David Carlos Valdez said...

Sorry about that.The link now works.

Thanks Mr.G!