Call for submissions!

If you're a regular reader of Casa Valdez you probably noticed that that I've been slacking off recently. The reason for this (besides being generally lazy) is that my buddy Pere Soto has been staying with me and we've been trying to rehearse, play more, plan a recording session, and hustle European gigs for the summer. All this leaves me little time to write this blog.

If anyone has anything interesting they've written that they think would be a good fit for this blog please send them this way. I would like to keep the flow of articles, transcriptions, and etudes happening on this site. I'll be happy to include links to your web site, MySpace page or email along with your posted item.

I won't guarantee that everything you send will get posted, but please consider sharing your work with other players that read this blog. Casa Valdez gets about 2100 hits every week from all over the world.

Send all submissions to: casavaldez@comcast.net

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