Mario Abbagliati's Jazz Guitar Blog

Mario Abbagliati's Jazz guitar blog has some nice transcriptions and harmony articles. Mario is from Chile and his blog is in Spanish, but Yahoo's Googlefish translator page is always an option (and often very funny).

Wes Montgomery transcriptions
Grant Green's Minor League solo
Peter Bernstein's I Mean You solo

Mario Abbagliati's Blog de guitarra jazz


Unknown said...

Very nice and entertaining blog, although there are messed up English due to translation, I did enjoy it. I always want to learn Jazz, but for now so far I'm still a guitar beginner. I'm starting to learn notation too, seems not that hard if you are really into it.

I'm using Learn and Master Guitar by Steve Krenz (DVD Guitar Lessons Blog), it's a very nice tool on how to learn the guitar. Pretty comprehensive and makes my practice much more convenient and easy.

Unknown said...

thanks really like the article. find the site really informative. thanks.