Die Chris Potter, die! All the Things solo transcription PDF

A few months ago I posted a clip of Chris Potter playing an insane solo version of All the Things. Saxophonist Ben Doherty has gone and tackled the unbelievable feat of transcribing the entire solo! No kidding, this thing is 19 pages of pure ridiculousness.

Ben, have a little too much free time on your hands buddy?!

All kidding aside, this solo is an amazing example of Potter's mastery of the instrument, and also an example of Ben's extreme tenacity (it took him many months to finish).

If you find this transcription helpful please click this link and donate something to repay Ben for the months that he spent on this solo. Thanks,

Audio of Chris Potter playing All the Things You Are

Potter's All the Things You Are PDF


Unknown said...

Thanks to share all this gems !

mambokings said...

Do you know where/when this solo was recorded?

David Carlos Valdez said...

I think it was a clinic at North Texas State.

mambokings said...

cool, thanks for posting it!

David Wells said...

Wow, I thought the guys that transcribed "Live At The Lighthouse" were sick ... this is rediculous!!! Dave, have you thought about annual awards for reader contributions? ... I nominate Ben. Thanks!