Jazz Blog rankings

I just got an email from a company called Invesq Consulting, a web research and consulting company.

"Hi David,

Maybe you're interested to know that you're ranked
at #14 on the Jazz blogs top 25 in blogRank.


This list tracks close to 20,000 blogs and evaluates them based on 16
different factors. The algorithm we use is far superior to any other,
IMHO. It just took us over 8 months to develop this. I would love to
hear your feedback.


Here are some of the stats:
  • Rank by the number of pages per visit: #1 Casa Valdez Studios
  • Rank by the number of Stumbleupon reviews: #1 Casa Valdez Studios
  • Rank by RSS membership: #2 Casa Valdez Studios
  • Rank by the total Delicious bookmarks: #5 Casa Valdez Studios
  • Rank by Alexa site rank: #9 Casa Valdez Studios
  • Rank by the number of pages posted on the blog: #10 Casa Valdez Studios
  • Rank by the number of pages indexed by Google: #16 Casa Valdez Studios
  • Rank by the number of incoming links: #11 Casa Valdez Studios (with 5,505 links)
  • Rank by the number of links to pages ratio: #15 Casa Valdez Studios
  • Rank by Google page rank: #11 Casa Valdez Studios
  • Rank by Technorati blog rank: #22 Casa Valdez Studios

Some of these statistics were kind of shocking to me, like being the number one Jazz blog by the number of pages read per visit AND the number of RSS subscribers. In your face Official Wynton Marsalis Web Site! :-)

Thanks to all of my loyal readers. I promise to start writing more as soon as I close my house sale and new house purchase. This is the most stressful and highly involved thing that I've ever done in my entire life. Yesterday I had soil sample guys in my back yard boring through my patio to take soil samples for a DEQ certificate, duct vac guys cleaning the heating system, roofers giving estimates for roof repairs, and a sewer scope guy doing an electronic sewer locate. Meanwhile I'm on the phone trying to get bids for repairs on our new place and with the city about our party sewer (which sounds a like it's a lot more fun than it actually is). We close both houses in roughly a month, which barely gives me enough time to move before I have to leave to teach at the summer Jazz workshop in Prague.

So keep me bookmarked, I will get back in the flow soon!


Canoxa said...

Congratulations, Mr. Valdez. We'll still be here after the move.

Anonymous said...

Congrats David! You give much more useful info that Wynton!

chicken little said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You deserve it. Good luck with the house. I still check the page every couple of days hoping for more updates!

saxsolos said...

Congrats David. One of my jazz spots fav to check out regularly.

The Dissonance said...

No surprise to me that this site is highly rated. I keep bringing it up to my sax peeps. It's a great resource and one of these days I hope to hear you in Portland.