Anders Bostrom Diminished Patterns

Flautist Anders Bostrom was my housemate my first year at Berklee. I'm pretty sure that Anders had more credits than any other student at Berklee. This was because in order to stay in the country on a student visa he had switched majors several times to keep from graduating. This meant that he had taken a large percentage of the more interesting advanced Jazz harmony courses that Berklee had to offer. He also studied privately with the late Charlie Banacos and Jerry Bergonzi while living in Boston. Anders currently works in pit orchestras on Broadway and has recorded with players like Walt Walt Weiskopf, Donny McCaslin, and Bruno Raberg.

Anders plays some insane modern sounding lines that used to mystify me. I have a little better idea of what he's doing now, but it still strains my brain a bit. Some of the lines that he uses are derived by isolating the different Major triads in the diminished scale and combining these with chromatic approaches. Not exceedingly complex, but the resulting lines sound pretty far out.

Bostrom is the undisputed master of diminished patterns. It is always a challenge to find interesting diminished ideas that do not sound like corny patterns. I asked Anders if he had some of his super secret Swedish diminished patterns that I could publish on this blog over a year ago. He finally sent me a six page PDF document packed full of his juicy diminished gems. He explained that he has been been slammed with working eight shows a week on Broadway, working on his Masters in music from NJCU, and taking care of his two kids. I guess we'll let him slide. :-)

Keep checking back here for an upcoming interview the Mr.Bostrom. In the meantime check out his diminished patterns!

Download Bostrom Diminished Patterns

Anders Bostrom YouTube channel
Anders Bostrom's MySpace page

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