Warne Marsh interview- Saxophone Journal '82

"I've offered these interviews to the jazz world to remind them of the genius of Warne Marsh. Taken together they form an amazing composite of his music and musical philosophy. This overlooked and under appreciated man
of musical strength and conviction continues to inspire, and his body of work remains a wellspring of invention and consistency. Sure, he has his hang ups, a few of which come to light in these writings, but look past the man and dig deep into the music. He is a direct link from Lester through Bird, and particularly his later work, from the mid 70's on, shows his developed melodic sense coupled with an amazing rhythmic mastery.

All who hunger to know more about his music must investigate the eBook entitled 'A Jazz Life' by my friend John Klopotowski, which chronicles his studies with Warne, his live playing with Warne, and the whole concept and vision of the Tristano teachings. Feel free to contact me for more information regarding anything of this nature. Please enjoy this as much as I have in revisiting this legacy."

Rereading these again really hammered it all home......the giants have all just about left us."
- Mark Sowlakis (markos@cruzio.com)
A Jazz Life Scribd Version


Anonymous said...

Really interesting...
Thanks for pointing this out.
The only problem is, now I really want to read more about it!

David Carlos Valdez said...

I just posted the ENTIRE BOOK! Maybe you are reading this blog on an iPhone that doesn't have Flash?

Anonymous said...

is there any way for dwonload the book?

David Carlos Valdez said...

No, the author has it set so that you cannot print or download the book. I would just take screen shots of the pages you want.