I'll Take Romance transcription

Bay Area saxophonist Charles McNeal has a one of the most useful site on the net with tons of free saxophone transcriptions available for download. He's been threatening to transcribe one of my solos and he came through today with a solo of mine on I'll Take Romance. He pretty much nailed every note as far as I can tell. Charles has also included an MP3 of the entire original track, which is from my unreleased CD Desert Flower.

It's feels like a milestone to be honored in this way. Thank you Charles and great job!

Transcription of David Valdez's solo on I'll Take Romance (scroll down the page)


Unknown said...

Hi David, I really enjoyed your playing and incredible sound and phrasing. When do you plan to release Desert Flower?

Albert Garza

David Carlos Valdez said...

Thanks Albert. I have no plans to release Desert Flower, but I do have a new quartet CD that I'm about to release.