Randy Hunter's sax lessons

 There are a lot of people doing online sax lessons these days, guys like Tim Price, Steve Neff, Ryan Fraser, and Randy Hunter. Tim Price uses Skype, and Randy sells individual lessons in Quicktime format with an accompanying PDF.  Neff sells his lesson videos individually or in monthly increments.

 Randy Hunter's lessons are just $6.99 each and a nice affordable way to begin to explore the vast world of online lessons. A while back Randy was nice enough to send me several of his etude books (with CDs). There have been a lot of these types of book/CDs coming out and many are very good. These are a good way for students to learn Jazz phrasing and to practice sight-reading. Play-along etudes are an entertaining way to practice as well.

Randy's Jazz etude & duet books are available for tenor sax, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, flute. He also has Jazz combo books for wind & rhythm section instruments. I used his etude books with my students and they seemed to really enjoy them, especially the beginners.

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