Bob Mover's ii- V7 subs

These subs were from my very first post, so they were buried way back in the archives. They're so hip I thought I should present them again. You can blow over these subs while the rhythm section is plays a standard ii-7 V7 Imaj7.

ii-7 V7 chord substitutions-

/G-7 / C7 /F maj7/

/ Ab melodic- / Db melodic- /F

/G-7 Ab7#11 / Db maj7 Db mel- /F

/Ab-7 / G mel- Db mel- /F

/G-7 Ab-7 / Gbmaj7 Db mel- /F

/B dim / Bb dim /F

/G-7 Bb-7 / Db-7 /F

/Ab-7 Db7 / Db-7 Gb7 / F

/Ab-7 Db7 / Bb-7 / F

/Ab-7 Db7 / Bb-7 Db-7 /F

/Ab mel- / Bb mel- / F

Thanks Bob!
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Anonymous said...

I remember that melodic minor guitar guy you blogged before also had that D flat minor over the C7. That's like totally one one my favorite hip scales. I also like to play that over the F chord (I'd use it over lots of kinds of F chords).

I also like to just ignore the C and go straight from G to F. Simple but but makes me play some cool lines.

Crannberry Asylum said...

what about d flat major7 -G7-cmaj7? I like that one