Casa Valdez is required reading for UNCA

I want to thank David Wilken at the University of North Carolina for making this humble blog required reading for his Jazz theory and improv class. I've been working on my search engine but it still kind of sucks. The best way to find old postings is to dig through the archives. I delete anything that's time sensitive, so everything in the archive is still useful to the Jazz student. I've also cut the number of posts that appear when you load the page to speed things up for those on slower internet connections. If you have any questions about any of the subject matter in the new or old posts please go ahead and leave your questions in the comments section. I get e-mails for every comment, no matter how far back in the archive it's from.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, David, for making your informative and insightful ideas on jazz and improvisation available to us all! I was very pleased to send my students to your blog. It's great to check out different approaches to the same topics, or even just to read another wording of the same ideas.

Imagine my surprise when I went here to copy the URL to share your blog again and found my photo on the top page! I'm pleased that you had noticed I sent my students there, as it's always nice to know when people appreciate your work. Keep it up!

Dave Wilken

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that all of the improv and other relevant articles from David's blog get archived on the Worldwide Jazz Knowledge Wiki, available here: