Dewey Redman- an Enduring Original 1931-2006

Saxophonist Dewey Redman passed away on September 2nd at age 75 following a massive stroke.

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NY Times obituary
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What I reach for first when I play is sound. Technique maybe, but there is technique in sound.” –Dewey Redman


MonksDream said...

Shit! I just read that post. Loss of a great saxophonist who had a great sound. Dewey could always remind you that raw tone and lyrical phrase often supercede technical acrobatics. I spent a bunch of years in the nineties stopping my practicing intermittently because my tone would get too "refined" and I wanted to maintain that raw edge that Dewey had. 75 years seems like a good long life to me though, may the man rest in peace!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sad for this. I love, and have always loved Dewey and what he stood for as a saxophone player. I didn't know he died. I heard about Maynard F and Crocodile Irwin and Sid Barrett but the guy who meant the most to me was Dewey. I named my cat after him and if I strive to always have his clarity of tone, fluidity and emotion I feel I am doing well. I will go and listen to "Everything That Lives Laments" off Keith Jarrett's album Mysteries and toast to him. He was a true saxophone player and one that I loved with all my heart.


MonksDream said...

I just heard Dewey playing with Keith Jarrett on www.pandora.com. Any music fans should check this site out, and musicians should try and get their stuff on here. You create radio stations based on say Keith Jarrett. This was where I heard that tune anonymous mentioned. Although the associations are sometimes questionable, you can easily just go on in and press the "I don't like this tune, don't play it or anything like it," and it will axe stuff out that you don't like. I've found a lot of new stuff on there that I had never heard.

cheers again, Bill