YouTube Jazz videos

You Tube is fast becoming the major destination for Jazz lovers on the web. Finally the web is living up to long held expectations about how it would revolutionize music. You Tube has an unbelievable amount of Jazz videos, along with videos of just about anything else you can think of. Here are just a few........

Jessica's Birthday
Jive Samba
Work Song

Rahsaan Rolland Kirk:
Ode to Billy Joe
I Say a Little Prayer

Bill Evans:
Autumn Leaves
Beautiful Love in Berlin
Someday My Prince Will Come
Person I knew
My Romance
Waltz for Debby
How My Heart Sings
For Nenette

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Unknown said...

I agree - what an amazing resource YouTube has become!

Sadly, videos don't often last very long (as is evidenced by your links! Lots of removed videos.)

If you're not able to veiw the video on first discovery, check this out:

Love your blog, BTW! Thanks!