A few of my friends.....

Here are a few recommendations from my friends pages on My Space.
There's a lot of lame-o music on My Space but musicians like these really make it worthwhile.

Matt Otto
Matt Wilson
Ruth Hammond
Miguel Zenon
Kristof Basco
Erik Torrente
Jason DuMars
David Caceres
Kenny Rampton
Dave Binney
Chuck MacKinnon
Hakon Kornstad
Paul Booth
Julian Siegel
Willow Neilson
Fabio Morgera
Xavier Perez
Julien Wilson
Walter Smith III
Jamie Oehlers
Ben van Gelder
John Ellis
Juan Rollan
Bob Reynolds
Alphabet Soup
Realistic Orchestra

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Adam said...

4th time's a charm:

My most recent experience with MySpace, from your friends list, and shooting off from a few of them, really opened my eyes to how many great saxophone players and saxophonist/composers there are out there at the moment. I'd say a good 98% of these great players I came across in 3 nights of surfing through MySpace I've never heard of.

A little less than 50% of these folks offer downloadable mp3s. I just snagged 24 hours of amazing new stuff to listen to.

All my top picks will eventually show up here.

Picking out a random find… check out: the amazing Lucas Pinot: