George Garzone- less on the fringe

George Garzone now has a long overdue website at www.georgegarzone.com. It looks to me like the web design of Kenny Brooks, one of his favorite students and lately a musical collaborator. When I saw George in Boston last weekend I asked him about the three tenor gig he played a couple of days prior with Kenny Brooks and Douglas Yates. He told me," Man, those guys are playing on a totally new level. That's going to be the first CD I produce myself." Shit, I wish I had seen that show.

George's site has a great page called 'Words of Wisdom', which has memorable Garzone quotes contributed by students and friends. If you have any memorable quotes from the master send them to- saxgarzone@aol.com

Here are a few of the Garzonisms-

"You have to find the center of time." contributed by
Rick Stone

"Don't use your tongue...stop that tonguing..." - contributed by Rick Stone

"Otto, you're playing on those 2 by 4's, aren't you?"- contributed by Matt Otto

"In the early 1980's the Fringe performed a live radio broadcast and George was interviewed after the performance. The interviewer asked George how the Fringe played the way they did. George replied, "We listened to the messages." The interviewer asked where the messages come from, and George replied, "...from God".
- contributed by Wayne de Silva

The Fringe in New York
One Two Three Four
Four's and Two's

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