The Tranumentary- all about Trane

Being a Trane fanatic of the first order,
I was shocked when I saw this amazing page about Coltrane (thanks to Tim Price). Tranumentary is a series of audio interviews with some serious musicians, all talking about Trane or commmenting on different Coltrane recordings. As of the time of this article there are 32 different episodes:

As if this incredible series weren't enough you can even listen to episodes via mobile phone!
What is this world coming to?



John Coltrane Solos
Vol. 13 - John Coltrane: Jazz Play-Along Series (Jazz Play Along Series)
John Coltrane: Improvised Saxophone Solos
The Music of John Coltrane (Jazz Giants)
John Coltrane Plays Giant Steps
Coltrane Plays Standards (Artist Transcriptions)
Mel Bay Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of John Coltrane (Guitar Edition)
John Coltrane Plays "Coltrane Changes": C Instruments


MonksDream said...

This is awesome! Have you read Lewis Porter's amazing musical biography?

cheers, Bill

MonksDream said...

I listened to the first 3 and the Jimmy Cobb thing is great, "Crazy like a fox," he describes Trane.

David Carlos Valdez said...

I have not read that.

How about my young student Bill?

When my buddy Tom heard him he said,
"Congratulations, you've created a student that plays just like you."

MonksDream said...

Now, if Chicken Little was talking about the young fellow who played on Thursday night, I would beg to differ. He sounds good, but he still plays a lot more notes.

I don't think that he really sounded much like you, except for the fact that y'all were playing bebop oriented tunes.

I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with the laid-back nature of his playing. Most "young guns," as an old buddy likes to call them, tend to get up in your face with their playing, and this guy showed a good deal of restraint.