Point of Departure- award winning Jazz website

Point of Departure was the Jazz Journalists Association Jazz Award Nominee for Best Website Concentrating on Jazz for 2006 and 2007. This site has class, which is quite rare in the online Jazz world. There are great articles, photo essays, round table discussions, and CD reviews in this online Jazz journal published by Bill Shoemaker. The design is clean and the writing is intelligent. You won't find any articles about Dave Koz or Boney James here since the emphasis is on Free Jazz and the Avant-Garde. Actually, I think that anyone who is interested in Jazz as high-art rather than just cocktail enhancement will find Point of Departure interesting.


Oslo said...

Muito interessante. Obrigado pela dica.

MonksDream said...


I checked that out and it's a GREAT magazine! There's a really interesting article about interpretations of Monk's music here: http://www.pointofdeparture.org/PoD13/PoD13FickleSonance.html
along with a round table in which various musicians talk about their practice methods, etc. I still don't understand how you can get up so friggin' early!

David Carlos Valdez said...

My secret?

Going back to bed at 9am.