Music Theory for Flamenco

I've always been totally fascinated by Flamenco; the odd rhythms, the sonic timbre, the hot gypsy dancers, and of course the unique harmonies.

Here is a cool book on Flamenco music theory.

Music Theory For Flamenco


Sherer said...

Like the blog good stuff

David Carlos Valdez said...

I have a lot of PDF theory books and I originally thought that this one was in Spanish, it's not. That's why I deleted all the comments, they didn't make sense considering the book is in English after all.

To summarize the comments I deleted:

Someone got pissed because a used the "G" word- Gringo, and made a comment that I was racist. I replied that the person was humorless and needed to pull the big stick out of their ass.

After all, I am as much as of a gringo as anyone so I can
use the G word when I'm talking about my peeps. Just like a brother can use the N word without being a racist.

I do have a lot of relatives in Little Rock who eat gravy for every meal, wear flannel, truckers caps and say things like,"We're gonna learn you good boy."

MonksDream said...

I'm a gringo in the morning,
A big ol' gringo at night too.
Valdez is a gringo who can't even
speak-a spanish in the morning.

I can, even though my names even more gringony sounding!
I give him permission to use the word as much as he wants even though he's not as anglo-looking as me.

(I ran out of witty things to say. I was sort of imagining this being sung to one of those schoolyard melodies like the opening tune on "We Want Miles.") Why y'all got to be so uptight about this? I do think it's taking things a little too far when one of our local indy bands shows up on stage with a t-shirt "Nigga for president," but let's get a fucking grip people!!


David Carlos Valdez said...

I need a 'Gringo for President' T-Shirt!

MonksDream said...

I wrote that late at night. I guess we'll see whether it provokes another round of "Bob Mover posting" comments. I forgot to add that the first part of that I imagined to be sung with an accent not unlike that of Cheech Marin, the Latino art impresario.