Saxophone technical excersises and etudes

Regular reader Kuba Dolezal from Prague just sent me an email about a few sax technique books he discovered-

"Hallo, David!

Hope everything's fine with you.

I just wanted to let you know about two books I started to work with. Both of them were recommended to me by Pavel Skrna of Bohemia Saxophone Quartet. First of them is called Mechanical Exercises For All Saxophones - written by Jean-Marie Londeix (Edition Henry Lemoine, 1961). It's focused on practising various difficult combinations of fingerings. Some of them I use quite often, but after repeating them four times in all keys I feel like I've never touched the saxophone before. The second one is called Escuela Moderna para Saxofon - Chromatismos - written by Adolfo Ventas (Boileau y Bernasconi). It contains various motives played in all keys. Some of them sound great in non-classical context...

Greetings to Portland!!! -Kuba Dolezal"

As I was looking for these books I ran across a site with a tons a great saxophone etude and technique books called Van Cott information Services.

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