Tim Armacost & Perico Sambeat- get their charts!

NYC Saxophonist Tim Armacost has done something that I think is a great way for composers to tunes out into the world, on his web site he's PDF files of his lead sheets. Tim sells his big band arrangements but all of his lead sheets are totally free to download. I think that this is a very hip and progressive way for artists to promote their music. If other players like the tunes they will be much more likely to buy the physical CD. It seems to me that in the near future as the CD is phased out whatever the new format is will contain a wider range of content; like video, pictures, PDF files of lead sheets, artist commentaries, ect. Diatic Records, the label that is about to release my new Latin Jazz CD, is making moves in this direction.
Tim Armacost's website

Perico Sambeat, a Spanish saxophonist/composer who my Barcelona friends told me about has also posted free PDFs of his tunes on his site. Perico has done some great music with guys like Kurt Rosenwinkle, Mark Turner and Brad Meldau who are often over in Spain. His mixes Flamenco rhythms and Post-Bop harmonies to create a very exciting and compelling sound. Check out beautiful Perico's tune Como Lo Oyes on his MySpace page, this recording is so F*%KING BadASS!

Perico Sambeat's website

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tim said...

Hey Dave,

Tore Brunborg (the Norwegian saxophonist) has also got pdf's of all his charts available on his website. He writes pretty great tunes, plus the large ensemble scores are there for free.