Chris Potter must DIE!!!

If you play the saxophone then this recording will surely make you feel like switching to the wash tub bass or kazoo.

Chris Potter is a guy that makes me say to myself,
"Self, why even bother practicing anymore? You'll never practice even a fraction of the time that Chris Potter put in practicing the saxophone. Give it up!"
Chris Potter plays a solo version of All the Things You Are

(This track was from the very good Urge To Burge Jazz Blog)


MonksDream said...

Well, Dave, I guess this destroys your arguments about Chris Potter!!

That was about as astonishing as some of the solo bird shit I've heard. It's kind of like Bird/Ellery Eskelin/Braxton/Steve Coleman all rolled into one emotive technically astonishing package with his own spin.

When I first started listening to this, I thought to myself, man, what's David trippin' on. But he keeps ratcheting the solo up to the next Pokemon level.

Maybe you can tell your students, "Yeah, sure, you could study with me, but first transcribe this. It might seem hard at first, but you'll get it."

The Jaded Sax Player Version: "I could do that, if I had a really good reed and the kind of set-up Potter plays with."

That is fucking greaeaeaeat shit!!!

30M said...

Great saxophone playing!

tim said...

The real secret to Potter's virtuosity is his neck strap. I went out and bought one yesterday, and now I sound ten times better! I also think the brand of cork grease he uses (Leblanc), has a lot to do with his tone.

Unknown said...

I met Chris's teacher while on the road. He said he never in all his years see someone grasp the material and the saxophone so quickly. Chris is over the top. And he's not always a constant practicer, he'll shed intensely, then not shed sometimes.

Amazing. Thanks for posting.

MonksDream said...


Whoever you are, that was hell of funny, although, to be serious, I noticed that he always wears the same type of shoes and often threads his belt through the loops from left to right instead of right to left. I'm pretty sure that he probably uses Dr. Bronner's soap, so that might also be helpful to you if you're trying to acheive his tone.

Adam said...

I saw the Dave Douglas group right after Donny McCaslin replaced Chris Potter.
A much as I dig this recording and Potter's playing I must say I dug (and dig) Donny's playing a lot more. Donny has similar linear chops but he's much more of an expressive, "vertical" improviser. IMHO