Gordon Lee's Rough Jazz Videos

Here at Casa Valdez Studios we just finished producing an hour long DVD project (after about six months of work) for the Diatic record label. The DVD is of pianist/composer Gordon Lee's Rough Jazz project and it is a live concert shot here in Portland at Jimmy Mak's.

The band features Gordon Lee on piano, John Gross on tenor saxophone, Dan Schulte on bass and Alan Jones on drums. You can order the full DVD directly from the Diatic Records web site.

Tobacco Monkey
Yi Meng Shan


MonksDream said...

Dude! The Tobacco Monkey link leads nowhere. Also, do you think that we should try to do a panel review of Garzone's DVD?? Maybe you can have me as, at this point, a washed up quasi-advanced player, and some beginning intermediate player and do kind of a panel discussion on the review.

cheers, Bill

David Carlos Valdez said...

It's fixed.

I'm getting to the Garzone review!

MonksDream said...

I'll give you a shout about the Jody HR mouthpiece that I ordered!

cheers, Bill