Trio Live @ the Jazz Bungalow

Last weekend I played a house concert with pianist David Goldblatt and bassist Al Criado. There's no comparison in my book between a large talkative crowd at a night club and a highly attentive audience in an intimate room.

More people should throw these sorts of Jazz parties in their homes, especially at this time when clubs are closing right and left. We had a great time and walked with more bread than we usually make at many so called 'Jazz rooms'. I threw in a couple of CDs, our host put up some of his poetry books and we had a raffle to support the band.

If things keep going like they seem to be going these type of events may soon be the only real Jazz gigs around.

Here's our last tune of the evening 'Incognito', which was composed by my good friend Art Lillard:

(This gig was our first attempt at experimenting with a laptop for percussion loops)


MonksDream said...

Dude! I told you I have a large showroom in which we could throw some type of show! We just need to make the $$ work. Maybe it's going back to something like the loft scene in NY in the seventies. A lot of fantastic creative music was made.

Anonymous said...

Dave, great solo! Burning.