The Jazz Review online-

Founded by Nat Hentoff, Martin Williams, and Hsio Wen Shih in New York in 1958, The Jazz Review was the premier journal of jazz in the United States. Short-lived as it was (1958-1961), it set an enduring standard for criticism.

While all of the material is of high quality, several features are particularly distinctive: the regular reviews of musicians' work by other musicians; Hentoff's regular column "Jazz in Print," which deals with the politics of the music business as well as of the nation; and the incorporation of a wide range of musical styles and approaches to discussing jazz.

With the permission of Nat Hentoff, the entire run of The Jazz Review will appear on Jazz Studies Online in the near future. For now, the first seven issues to appear are offered in digital form.

There are some great articles in these magazines: Sonny Rollins and the Challenge of Thematic Improvisation- by Gunther Schuller, The Negro Church and it's Influence on Modern Jazz- by Mimi Clar, Elvin and Phily Jo Jones- by Bobby Jaspar, My Story by Buddy Tate as Told to Frank Driggs, and much more.

Thanks to Dan Gaynor for this recommendation.

The Jazz Review Online


Canoxa said...

Great resource, thanks for posting!

Keith Fiala said...

I agree - this is a great resource for not only history, but to get an inside idea of what was being said / talked about!

Keith Fiala