John Stowell video lesson- Applying the Melodic Minor Scale

Last night I was looking through stuff on my hard drive and ran across a great video lesson on melodic minor scales by John Stowell that I had never posted. This TV show was produced a few years ago by Darren Littlejohn of Portland Jazz Jams and directed by myself.

In this 24 minute lesson John clearly explains and demonstrates how to apply melodic minor scales to many different types of chords. He gives helpful ways of practicing these different applications as well. Stowell is a master of modern Jazz guitar and it is a shame that more people do not know about him. He has a totally unique approach to improvisation.

This lesson is quite useful for all instrumentalist, not just guitarists.

Melodic Minor lesson with John Stowell
(you may need to download a Quicktime plug-in if you do not have one)

John Stowell solo guitar video- PJJ tv
John Stowell's web site
Bye Bye Blackbird- mp3
Milestones- mp3


Anonymous said...

I cannot download the video. It downloads 1,5 MB and then stops. It happens every time I try.

David Carlos Valdez said...

I'm uploading it to my server again.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this lesson. What a wealth of info presented in a very clear,concise fashion!