Joe Diorio's solo on Autumn Leaves

Joe Diorio is an underrated monster guitarist and was one of the first instructors at the Guitar Institute of Technology. He has recorded ten albums and written several instructional books.

Dan Johnson transcribed this of Joe's on Autumn Leaves.

Without You- mp3
Invitation- mp3
Joe Diorio's MySpace
Meet Joe Diorio @ All About Jazz
YouTube Joe Diorio pentatonic lesson
YouTube Joe Diorio solo guitar concepts


TimF said...

Thanks for the post - Joe is a legend. Unfortunately, he suffered a stroke approximately 5 years ago and no longer teaches at USC. His position is now filled by Bruce Forman, another excellent guitarist.

David Carlos Valdez said...

Thanks for the update Tim.

Unknown said...

That's a terrible shame, I know a guitarist Joe Giglio who is in contact with him on a regular basis and he is getting better all the time.
He has some wild concepts (lost on most guitarists I know!) and would heartily recommend his books "Intervallic Designs" & "Jazz Structures For The New Millennium," esp to sax and piano players