Barry Harris Bebop exercise

Here's a nice Barry Harris Bebop exercise that deals with approaches to dominant chord-tones.
(click the graphic above for a larger version)


Josh Rager said...

Classic Barry, well worth practicing. Love this material that your posting David. Check out my Barry Harris "impersonation" line if you get the chance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
what type of etudes are you recommending to get into rhythmic displacement. I am aiming at being able to play e.g 7/8 bar against a 4/4.
Many thanks in advance, Andreas

David Carlos Valdez said...

Take a look at the last part of the Warne Marsh book I recently posted. There are a lot of great ideas for practicing rhythmic displacement in there. The Scribd document is set so that you cannot download the it, but you can view it if full screen and take screen shots of the relevant pages.

Raz Sekeles said...

hi David,
it's my first time here and i'm impressed !!!
thanks for the Harris practice.
i'll take a look.


Adam B said...

Having a lot of fun playing this on flute and sax. Since I get so little practice time these days its nice to have fun, juicy stuff to play when I get a chance. Thanks!

Unknown said...


Thanks for posting this. Great stuff for practicing.