John Scofield Clinic

This John Scofield clinic was recorded in the mid-90's at Cabrillo College by my buddy David McGillicuddy. David has been kind enough to transpose the exercise on Stella to Bb and Eb for us. You'll even hear venerable professor Ray Brown, one of my first Jazz teachers, ask Sco a question.

Thanks David!

John Scofield clinic- part 1 
John Scofield clinic- part 2

Sco's Stella exercise (C, Bb, Eb)


guitardavem said...

I'd be interested to hear how people are hearing or interpreting measure 31; I marked it with parentheses around the Bbmaj7 chord because it's pretty clear that Sco was playing something other than that. Extending the F7 maybe? Sco seems to be anticipating changes in measure 4 and measure 7. Although it's a simple exercise, it can be more difficult than one would imagine to play only scalar ideas in one direction.

John Bouwsma said...

Did you study with Ray? I've been studying with him at cabrillo and he's a great cat.

David Carlos Valdez said...

I studied with Ray for two years. Great teacher.

Guelda said...

Thank you very much for this, Sco is a master ! Greetings from France