Kelly Bucheger's new 'Harder Bop' Jazz blog

Buffalo based Kelly Bucheger, an accomplished saxophonist and longtime loyal Casa Valdez Studios reader, recently launched a new Jazz blog called Harder Bop. The blog is off to a great start with some very nice transcriptions (Oatts, John Gilmore, Clifford Jordan, Kenny Garrett, Dexter, Rollins) and some insightful commentary on the solos. Be sure to bookmark Kelly's blog and send him harassing emails if he doesn't update it regularly. :-)

Harder Bop Jazz Blog
Kelly Bucheger's personal website


Scooby said...

His recent post of the clip from the Dick Oatts masterclass is just great! Dick playing the blues around the cycle and just smoking! Kelly did a great job on the transcription.

Kelly Bucheger said...

Thanks for the "Casa Valdez Studios" bump, David -- and Scooby, thanks for your kind words!