The Essential Casa Valdez

The blog format isn't the most ideal for finding and organizing older material. The Blogger search engine is unreliable at best and early articles get lost in the archives, never to be seen again. Over the past two and a half years I've posted a lot of didactic material, which I feel is the part of Casa Valdez that is most useful to the practicing Jazz musician. I've compiled all this material and formatted it into a Word document. Along with the articles I've written on harmony, practice ideas and the like, I've included some debates taken from the comments section and a few articles written by loyal readers.

This is the first stage of putting together a book. I plan to flesh out the book with many notated examples, footnotes, and more detailed explanations of a lot of the harmonic material.

If you find this initial compilation useful or if you have any comments, questions of suggestions please let me know at casavaldez@comcast.net

The Best of Casa Valdez


The Dissonance said...

Whoa, that's quite a collection! Any chance you could post that linked list to a page that is always linked to the top-most blog page?

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

David, fantastic! Thanks for putting it all together in one place. Now I just have to find the time to read more and to integrate the concepts and sounds that work for me into my playing. A day at a time.