Casa Valdez Sells Out!- AdSense

I've been resisting selling out for a long time, but the time has finally come. Jazz clubs in town have been steadily closing or changing formats to pool tables and darts, or to titties. If I want to pay for my mouthpiece and reed habit then I need to do something drastic (that doesn't involve me going to jail). I hate to cheapen the noble and pure sharing of musical information with crass commercialism, but that's what I've decided to do. In about a week I'll be able to have some control over which ads go on the site, right now that's controlled by Google. The ads will eventually be directly related to the content on the blog itself. If all goes well this will only serve help readers to purchase materials relevant to blog post topics.

I wish it didn't come down to this, but I need to pay for the two Slant Links I just bought. If everyone pitches in and clicks an ad once in a while I can stay financially solvent and keep writing.

Hey, everything else on this site is F-R-E-E, so don't start whining......


Oslo said...

Não desista, hermano. Usted tem feito um belo trabalho: um dos melhores que eu conheço.
Keep swinging

David Carlos Valdez said...

Muitos agradecimentos meu amigo. Eu aprecio a sustentação generosa. Sustento no toque.

MonksDream said...

Tu parlas al Catala?

David Carlos Valdez said...

I wish. I've spent the last two summers in Catalonia (BCL), but have not picked it up yet.

Damienzm said...

Todo eisto perece mas Esperanto, o keezas massa Portuñolhaguesperanto..

Voçes são locos mesmos.

Where do I click? Did you say titties?


David Carlos Valdez said...

Great idea!

Casa de pechos.

Sex and Jazz the age old combination.

Everyone knows that the word Jazz comes from the word Jizz. That's the truth.