Dan Willis and Eric Satie

My old friend Chuck MacKinnon sent me an email this morning about tenor play Dan Hicks, who he plays trumpet with. Dan was going to be doing a radio interview about his new CD featuring the music of Eric Satie. I was able to tune in halfway through the interview and was blown away by the CD, especially by Dan's playing. His sound had warmth and complexity not usually found in a player of his age. I liked everything about his playing: time, lines, concept, technique, sound, material, intonation. He has it all. Dan moved to NYC after graduating with an oboe performance degree from Eastman school of music. He's supported his more creative projects by playing Broadway shows, studio recording and with gigs with people like Clay Aikin. Dan is also a member of John Holenbeck's large Grammy winning large ensemble. Here's a young conservatory trained player who has surpassed most of his contemporaries in breadth and depth.

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